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Welcome to the topsite list for Pernese Online!
This is a listing that's for Dragonriders of Pern sites only.

Please keep the following things in mind when you sign your site up:
— Your site must have at least 1 vote before it shows up on the list.
— Votes are reset every 30 days, comments and ratings are never reset.
— Sites are never deleted from the listing unless there is reason to.

After you sign up, please make sure you post the voting button someplace where your members will be able to easily see it each day - members will only be able to click on it to vote once per 24 hours. If you have trouble finding the code, you'll be able to find it by going to your GoTop100 member panel, from there, it will be in your account menu under "Get Your Link Code".

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, and need to get in touch with Faranth (owner), please do so through the Jcink forum, or the e-mail account associated with it (both of which are checked daily). Clear skies and happy writing everyone!

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Site Of the Moment:
Solaria Weyr, Ketrin & Mathon Holds

A relaxed canon game now running for 9 years, offering a democracy where members have lots of flexibility to decide the game's direction!

Rank Site Rating In Out
Southern Winds Weyr
10.00 79 19

We are a mature, 9th Interval AU Pern established in 2014. We've destroyed almost the entire planet in a catastrophic event. While we feature 2 new mutations, we stick pretty close to canon. Positions, ranks, and plenty of ways to get involved!
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Solaria Weyr, Ketrin & Mathon Holds
9.94 43 22

A relaxed canon game now running for 9 years, offering a democracy where members have lots of flexibility to decide the game's direction!
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The Peacekeepers Age
10.00 43 8

The Weyrs must navigate political upheaval and the shifting balance as war has passed and Thread is falling! 10th Pass, Semi-Canon, 2 non-canon colors, LGBT+ friendly. We've been open for 6 years and going strong!
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People of Pern
NR 10 0

We all know what happened after the 2nd Long Interval, but what happens after the 1st? What about when all Weyrs were still active?

People of Pern is a 5th Pass Semi-Canon RP.
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Pern Unbound: High Reaches Weyr
NR 2 4

18+ AU Semi-canon. High Reaches Hold has been taken over by an ambitious wherhandler. A Goldrider lies dead, her junior rising to claim her place and saddling the Weyr with two weyrleaders. Tension runs high and politics run thick.
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Pern's Last Chance
10.00 2 6

A post-apocalyptic dystopian Weyr, in which every day is a consistent struggle for survival, the world lies undiscovered and danger lies on the doorstep. With a unique choose-your-own adventure plot, new creatures and all experience levels welcome.
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Canyon River Weyr
NR 1 3

Canyon River has grown into its own. The first weyr to hatch mutated colors, CRW struggles with a bandit hold called Kepler to the south... who recently hatched a first class of Weyrless dragons. 8th pass, casual pace, battle system.
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Eos Weyr
NR 1 6

Non canon Pern site where a fallen thread caused a radiation which infected all life around. With dragons being banished from the Northern land, can Eos hope to save them?
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Dragon Wild
10.00 1 1

Pern is undergoing a Renaissance after a thousand Turns of warfare and dissension. Dragons, long thought a myth have survived on their own in the South. Now able to bond with humans again, is Thread going to return?
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In Rukbat's Shadow
NR 1 2

10th Pass Pern AU. For 175 turns, everyone believed the Red Star had been destroyed. Technology advanced, Riders learned a new way of life, and new colors and mutations appeared. Join our two Weyrs as they learn to fight thread once more
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All references to worlds and characters based on Anne and Todd McCaffrey’s fiction are copyright © Anne and Todd McCaffrey 1967-2017, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

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